About our catering

"You are what you eat". Everyone wants the best for our children and that includes food. That's why Must Eat for Kids offer a healthy, locally sourced and fun menu to keep them going during a busy school day.

Must Eat for Kids believes in the value of simple, nutritious food made from the best locally-sourced ingredients, avoiding artificial colours, flavours and preservatives wherever possible. We source free-range, grass fed meats from farms thant hold true to these values and we will not compromise on this - it is very important to us. Because we are aware of allergy risks, non of our dishes contain nuts. Great food doesn't have to be boring and bland. The days of plain boiled fish and broccoli are gone and Must Eat for Kids knows how to create and present a balanced menu that will excite young taste buds.

What's more, Must Eat for Kids will work with teachers to introduce children to a fun world of cooking and nutrition, broadening their gastronomic horizons and raising their awareness about just how important it is to eat well. For more information about how your child can benefit from the Must Eat for Kids partnership with the school, email contact@musteatforkids.com.


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